Nail trim and file

Ear cleanse and ear hair removed if necessary( certain breeds will dictate to this service).

Sanitary trim.

Hair between the pads of the foot trimmed.

Bath with quality shampoos

Anal gland expression if requested.

HV dryer and stand up dryer ( there is no cage drying).

Full body clip or scissor trim.

Bandana upon completion of groom.

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Brush out of coat or deshedding. ( Breed of dog will also dictate to the amount of time).

Nail trim and file.

Bath and shampoo

Trim the hair from the pads of the foot if necessary.

Fluff dry.


This is a great option to help maintain your dogs coat in between grooms.

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Bath with quality shampoos and conditioners

Nail trim and file

Ear cleanse

Dry with HV or Stand Dryers

Bandana as well

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Welcome to Lori's Dog Grooming and The Dog Shoppe. It is our professional intent to aim for a comfortable and pleasant grooming experience for both you and your fur baby. One on one is our preferred working environment with soothing and calming energy to help alleviate any stress your dog may be experiencing. It also promotes a quality result and happier pet whether it is grooming to breed standard or a puppy/teddy bear trim. Grooming is a necessary endeavor, why not make it enjoyable as well.



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